DABL SD (New York) is a new lifestyle network described as informative, project-based, feel good content for viewers to indulge their passions for cooking, home renovations, design, DIY, pets, and travel.


Dabl is an American lifestyle-oriented digital multicast television network that is owned by the CBS Television Distribution (CTD) subsidiary of CBS Corporation.


CBS Corporation's other subchannel network, Decades, through CBS Television Stations was launched in 2014 with Weigel Broadcasting.  The network is the first CBS-owned property that has its operations built and operated using cloud computing, and is transmitting through CBS's media operations platform, which utilizes both automation and cloud-enabled technology.


In June 2019, CBS Television Distribution announced that it would launch DABL, a life style broadcasting network. The network will be carried on CBS owned and operated stations covering 39% of the population and had agreements giving the network over 70% coverage as of the announcement. To add to CBS library of daytime talk, court and informational programming, CBS acquired Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse programming to round out the network's schedule. Prior, CBS stations were slow to add additional subchannels since the 2009 digital transition.  Dabl followed two ad supported streaming services from CBS, CBS Sports HQ and ET Live. Deadline.com sees Dabl's launch occurring in a multicast network "boom time" as these network operation on low cost with library-based programming with "sizeable ratings".