FOX HD - Miami

FOX HD - Miami

WSVN Miami is a FOX affiliated station with plenty of sports (MLB, NFL & WWE), news, and local events.

When WSVN became a Fox affiliate in January 1989, its programming format was quite unusual for the network's affiliates as it did not include sitcoms as part of its schedule, it ran cartoons only on weekend mornings, and aired a heavy amount of talk and court shows, some movies, and some drama series.


As time went on, though, most Fox stations began relying more on talk and court shows, as well as local newscasts. Channel 7 runs only a slightly heavier amount of local news programming than other Fox stations (which have gradually increased their news outputs over the last 15 years). WSVN continues not to feature any sitcoms as part of its syndication inventory, somewhat atypical for a news-intensive Fox station.


Sports programming:


In 1966, with the establishment of the Miami Dolphins of the American Football League, the station, via NBC, which held the league's broadcast rights, became the station of record for the new team. This alliance continued until the end of the 1988 season, when most games moved over to WTVJ (today, most games are aired by WFOR).


Since 1994, the station airs at least two Dolphins games a season via the NFL on Fox, usually when the team plays host to an NFC team at Hard Rock Stadium, however, starting in 2014, with the institution of the NFL's new broadcast 'cross-flex' rules, more games can be seen on Channel 7 when they are moved from WFOR, and since 2018, via Fox's exclusive contract, Thursday Night Football games.


In addition, any Miami Marlins games featured as part of Fox's MLB broadcast contract are aired on channel 7, this included their victory in the 2003 World Series, when the team was still the Florida Marlins. The station will also be the local broadcaster of Super Bowl LIV which will be held at Hard Rock Stadium, as Fox will have the national television rights to the game; it also previously served as the home broadcaster of Super Bowl XXXIII which was also on Fox.