MOVIES! SD (New York) Network presents timeless, iconic, star-powered movies that you haven't seen in years. We've got stars you'll know by name, and films you'll know by heart.

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Described as presenting "a variety of theatrical motion pictures in a new, viewer and advertiser friendly format, not seen on broadcast television to date", films featured on Movies! consist of releases from 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment (including those released by Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures), Paramount Pictures, (including those syndicated by Trifecta Entertainment & Media), Warner Bros., ReTV, Peter Rodgers Organization, Multicom Entertainment Group and CBS Television Distribution.  The network's film roster concentrates mainly on classic films from the 1920s to the 1980s, though in recent years, select films from the 1990s and onward are also played. 


As of August 2019, Movies! broadcasts featured movie presentations such as Noir to Die For all day every Thursday, Saturday Morning Movies! consisting of films from the Hopalong Cassidy, Laurel and Hardy and Blondie franchises, Popcorn Movies! every Saturday afternoon, Definitive Movies! every Saturday night and Sunday Night Noir. Movies! presents many of its features in their original aspect ratio (widescreen or full screen) whenever possible, which are either presented in the 16:9 or 4:3 letterboxed format depending on the affiliate's preference in transmitting the subchannel.

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